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Vacuum sealer works by removing air from package and hermetically seal the package. It is used primarily for shelf life extension, get rid of impurities, moisture and oxygen inside a container, volume reduction, and corrosion protection.

Nozzle type vacuum sealer adopts the method to vacuum-pack directly the inside of envelope by using a nozzle (snorkel). It provides flexibility and fast vacuuming. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.) function such as gas purging is also available in nozzle type vacuum sealer selection. Nozzle type vacuum sealer is much less restricted to the size of packed goods compared to chamber type vacuum sealer.

Chamber type vacuum sealer creates vacuum atmosphere in the vacuum chamber. By means of a pump, the air presents in the room, as well as in the product packaging, are removed. This enables to remove from the packaging gases and impure particles which are presented in the air, moisture and oxygen, a vital gas for man as well as for microorganism such as bacteria and molds.

A short burst of electricity through a heating element, which turns the electrical energy into heat energy. That heat then flows into the sealer’s jaw, which is pressed against the sides of the bag to melt them together. During the sealing time, the heating element will melt the pouch polymer and pressure applied on the sealing bar to make polymers bond to each layer. After sealing time expired, cooling time takes place. Cooling process is actually dwelling the sealing bar to further apply pressure (seal down pressure remain the same) on the pouch so that the polymers bond tightly and firmly while letting the heating element cool down.

Choosing right bag material is very important to achieve your packaging goal and application. For example, you need to vacuum pack your product for extended shelf life, then you will probably need laminated film such as Nylon/LDPE, PET, Aluminum laminated (moisture barrier bag) for best results. But, if you are vacuum pack something to reduce space to fit inside a box or dampening prevention, then polyethylene (PE) bag will do the job. Bag thickness with greater mil is needed for heavy products or one with sharp edges. Besides, cleanroom grade bag and ESD bag are suitable for semiconductor and electronics vacuum package.

Nitrogen gas purging can benefit electronics, medical and pharmaceutical by removing moisture and harmful vapors from the bag, decreasing product exposure to corrosion.

You can use most of the inert gas. Nitrogen gas is the most popular gas for gas purging function. Sometimes, you will need mixture of gasses to work with different applications.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) nitrogen purging is a solution for food industry to extend product storage shelf life and limiting the growth of bacteria by reducing oxygen and moisture.

Yes, you need clean and dry compressed air supply to operate nozzle type vacuum sealer, impulse sealer and constant heat sealer.

Yes, we provide most of the customization service upon request to make your packaging operation easier and more productive. The common customization options are wider seal, working platform, vacuum pressure control, vertical stand, two-hand tie down system and etc. For more customization options, please check out our options page.
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