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MPD Series

Validatable Medical Constant Heat Sealer

MPD Series

MPD series validatable medical constant heat sealer is pneumatically operated and available in 20″, 25″ and 30″ sealing length. A sealing timer, temperature controller and sealing pressure regulator ensure precise control over the amount of seal time, seal temperature and seal pressure are applied to medical pouch. It is built with external verification ports for ease of calibration.

With an outstanding PID controlled constant heat sealing system, you can have confidence in sealing a wide range of materials such as Tyvek®  medical microbial barrier pouch and laminated films.

  • Compatible for cleanroom application
  • Works well with all popular microbial medical pouch & moisture barrier bag materials
  • Stainless steel 304 chassis
  • Digital sealing temperature controller with PID control
  • Digital seal timer for precision sealing
  • Industrial 4.0 ready
  • Adjustable seal pressure
  • Object / Finger anti-pinch safety system
  • Built-in emergency stop push button
  • Easy set-up requires only compressed air, standard electrical outlet
  • External validation port for seal temperature, seal pressure and seal time
  • Electronic foot pedal switch activated
Single Phase AC 110V, 60Hz
Air Requirement:
82 PSI @ 5 cfm
Dimensions:(L) 21 ¾” x (W) 13 ¾” x (H) 12 ¼”(L) 26 ¾” x (W) 13 ¾” x (H) 12 ¼”(L) 31 ¾” x (W) 13 ¾” x (H) 12 ¼”
Seal Dimension:(L) 20″ x (W) 10mm(L) 25″ x (W) 10mm(L) 30″ x (W) 10mm
Power Rating:500 Watt700 Watt900 Watt
Control System:
Digital Timer & Temperature Controller
Sealing System:
Constant Heat System
Validation Port:
Seal Temperature, Seal Pressure, Seal Time
  • Stainless Steel Product Support Platform
    MPD Working Platform
  • Working Stand with Caster Wheel

    Working Stand

  • Digital Pressure Regulator
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration
  • Data Logger System for Seal Temperature, Seal Pressure, Seal Time Traceability
  • Barcode Scanning for Recipe Selection & Verification
  • Sealing Data and Barcode Label Printing
  • Other Voltage Configuration (220V/240V AC or 100V AC)

Coming soon.

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