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SPT Series

Impulse Sealer with Shielded Cutting Device

SPT Series

The SPT series impulse sealer is pneumatically operated and complete with different sized models and options. The sealer works with pre-made bags as well as with tubular film. When working with tubular film, it can produce various length of bags by using the built-in shielded cutting device. Hands free operation provides faster and accurate impulse sealing. High performance impulse sealing system to meet different daily operation.
The working cycle of the sealer can easily be started by pushing down the seal bar using a foot pedal switch. Once started, the seal bar remain closed throughout the sealing and cooling cycle and then automatically open, ready to make the next seal.

  • Cleanroom compatible
  • Mild steel powder coating chassis
  • Shielded cutting device
  • Object / Finger anti-pinch safety system
  • Built-in emergency stop push button
  • Easy set-up requires only compressed air and standard electrical outlet
  • Analog timers for sealing and cooling time
  • Easy heating element & Teflon sheet replacement
  • Film rollers rack
  • Suitable to seal polyethylene, polypropylene and thin laminates film
  • High performance impulse sealing system
  • Electronic foot pedal switch activated
Single Phase AC 110V, 60Hz
Air Requirement:
82 PSI @ 5 cfm
Dimensions:(L) 25″ x (W) 21¾” x (H) 21¾”(L) 31″ x (W) 21¾” x (H) 21¾”(L) 37″ x (W) 21¾” x (H) 21¾”
Seal Dimension:(L) 18″ x (W) 2.5mm(L) 24″ x (W) 2.5mm(L) 30″ x (W) 2.5mm
Control System:
Analog timers system
Impulse Power:600 W750 W900 W
  • Fully Stainless Steel Chassis

    SPT Stainless Steel

  • Working Platform

    SPT Series

  • Two-Hand Tie Down Button

    Optional Two-Hand Tie Down Buttons

  • Digital Timers

    Digital Timers

  • Other Sealing Width (5mm, 10mm)
  • Other Voltage Configuration (220V/240V AC or 100V AC)

Coming soon.

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