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Constant Heat Sealer

Constant heat sealing is widely used in medical industry. A variable timer and pressure regulator ensure precise control over the amount of heat time and seal pressure are applied to your package. With an outstanding level of heat sealing control system you can have confidence in sealing a wide range of materials including most medical Tyvek pouch and laminated foils.

Medical vacuum sealers find applications across various facets of healthcare. They are instrumental in sterilization and infection control, ensuring that surgical instruments, dressings, and implants remain sterile before use. In research and diagnostics, these devices help maintain the integrity of biological samples, ensuring that they are preserved for analysis and future use. Pharmaceutical companies also rely on vacuum sealing to extend the shelf life of medications and guarantee their pristine condition when they reach patients.

MPD Series
MPD Series

Validatable Medical
Heat Sealer
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