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Cleanroom Type Chamber Vacuum Sealer


VMT-16 chamber type vacuum sealer is designed for meeting critical cleanroom application. It’s control system is powered by PLC controller and touchscreen (HMI) for precise settings and user-friendly operations. Unlike electromechanically driven vacuum sealers, our characteristic NasaVAC design prevents particle generation and oil contamination that often lead to costly maintenance and downtime

  • Compatible to cleanroom up to Class 100
  • Stainless steel chassis
  • High performance impulse sealing system
  • Aluminum alloy sealing bar
  • Compact design to suite R&D laboratory, small workspace
  • Clean, quiet, non-particle generating, 100% maintenance free air-driven vacuum ejector
  • Object / Finger anti-pinch chamber cover safety system
  • Built-in emergency stop push button
  • Easy set-up requires only compressed air and standard electrical outlet
  • PLC Control & Touch Screen (HMI) system
  • 10 programmable memory for vacuum time, seal time and cool time settings
  • Easy sealing element and Teflon tape replacement
  • Emergency reset system
  • Transparent Glass Lid
  • Easy sealing element and Teflon tape replacement
  • Password protection for setup page
  • Packing counter for production monitoring
  • Visible and audible alarm
  • Air cylinder chamber lid closing
Single Phase AC 110V, 60Hz
(L) 23 ¾” x (W) 19 ¾” x (H) 16 ¾”
Machine Weight:
150 lb
Chamber Height:
4″ (Effective Depth = 3 ¾”)
Chamber Dimension:
(L) 16″ x (W) 14″ x (H) 4″
Sealing Bar Configuration:
Sealing Length:
Sealing Width:
2.5mm x 2 Lines Flat Heating Element
Maximum Vacuum:
-27 inHg
9.42 CFM Air Driven Vacuum Ejector
  • Vacuum Filter
  • Gas Purging / Flushing

    Gas Purge Function

  • Soft Air Sensor Control
  • Bi-Active Impulse Sealing System (Top & Bottom Heating)

    Bi-Active Impulse Sealing System

  • 10mm Sealing Width
  • Vacuum Pressure Control Option

    Digital Vacuum Sensor

  • Other Voltage Configuration (220V/240V AC or 100V AC)
VMT-16 Cleanroom Type Chamber Vacuum Sealer
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