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Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer


The double chamber vacuum sealer has higher productivity than a single chamber vacuum sealers, as bag loading and unloading can be done while the other chamber is vacuuming. The control system is powered by microcontroller with 10 programmable memory settings. The double chamber vacuum sealer is fully industrial grade stainless steel constructed, ideal for food, medical, electronics and industrial applications. It has flatten work platform for hassle-free chamber wash down. The optional soft air prevents damage to delicate products.

  • Stainless steel chassis
  • High performance impulse sealing system
  • Aluminum alloy sealing bar with bladder activated sealing
  • Robust design for tough & wet environment
  • Splash proof control panel
  • Powered by micro-controller with 10 programmable memory settings
  • Emergency reset system
  • Stainless steel chamber lid
  • Flat chamber  for easy cleaning
  • Easy sealing element and Teflon tape replacement
  • Easy cleaning
  • Packing counter for production monitoring
  • Powered by oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump
Three Phase AC 220V, 60Hz
(L) 75 ¼” x (W) 33 ½” x (H) 41 ¼”
Machine Weight:
Chamber Height:
6 ½” (Effective Height= 6″)
Chamber Dimension:
(L) 31 ½” x (W) 22 ¾” x (H) 6 ½”
Sealing Bar Configuration:
Front & Back: Seal Bar Distance = 22 ¾”
Sealing Length:
31 ½”
Sealing Width:
3.5mm x 2 Lines Flat Heating Element
Maximum Vacuum:
-29 inHg
100 m3/H 4 HP Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
  • Vacuum Filter
  • Gas Purging / Flushing

    Gas Purge Function

  • Soft Air Sensor Control
  • Bi-Active Impulse Sealing System (Top & Bottom Heating)
  • 10mm Sealing Width
  • Other Sealing Bar Configuration (L-Shape, Left & Right)

    Left & Right Sealing Bar

  • Vacuum Pressure Control Option

    Digital Vacuum Sensor

  • Other Voltage Configuration
Vegetarian Food Vacuum Pack
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